The Effects Of Drug Abuse And Addiction

The drugs that we take are simply a chemical mix. Due to differences in their chemical structure, different drugs have a variety of effects on the body. In fact, some drugs are capable of making long lasting changes that remain long after the drug is no longer taken because of the effects of drug abuse. In some cases, those changes may be permanent.

effects of drug abuse

effects of drug abuse

The drugs enter the body in a variety of ways. They may be ingested, inhaled, or injected. The manner in which they enter the body has a major impact on the drug’s ultimate impact. For example, the drug’s effects are more immediate when they are injected directly into the blood stream. On the other hand, the effects are delayed when they must pass through the digestive system.

The brain’s reward system head is the target of drugs that are more likely to be abused. Dopamine floods the circuit when this happens. The neurotransmitter dopamine is needed in the parts of the brain that regulate motivation, cognition, emotion, movement, and feelings of pleasure. The brain actually changes how it does its job once these drugs enter it. Compulsive use of drugs often results because of this. This is the addiction’s hallmark.

How Abuse Of Drugs Causes Injury

The effects of drug abuse cause more disabilities, injuries, and deaths than another other health condition that is preventable. Illicit drug use is responsible for one quarter of all deaths in the country. People who are dependent upon drugs are at an elevated risk of adverse outcomes including medical problems, domestic violence, accidents, unintended injuries, and even death.

How The Drug Abuse Affect Health

Almost every organ within the body is affects by dependence upon drugs which makes their impact far-reaching. The effects of drug abuse can:

* Increase the susceptibility to infections by weakening the immune system.

* Cause problems with the cardiovascular system including heart attacks and abnormal heart rates. * Infections of the heart’s valves and the vessels of the bloodstream and collapse veins are more likely to occur when drugs are injected.

* Cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and nausea.

* Liver must work harder to clear toxins making it more likely to fail or suffer significant damage.

* Cause brain damage including stroke and seizure that may adversely impact the activities of daily life including mental confusion, problems with decision making, attention, and memory, as well as the possibility of permanent brain damage.

* Produce changes throughout the entire body which many lead to increases in body temperature, dramatic fluctuations in appetite, breast development in men, and a variety of other health conditions.

The effects of drug abuse on the brain

Even though people begin to take the drugs on a voluntary basis, they change the chemistry of the brain over time and impair a person’s ability to make decisions. In addition, a compulsion to seek out and use the drugs develops. At this point, the individual is dependent upon the substance.

The limbic system includes the reward circuit of the brain and marijuana, cocaine, nicotine, and other commonly abused drugs affect it.

The reward system is hijacked by the drugs which case massive levels of dopamine to overtake the system.

This dopamine flood is what causes the euphoria, or high, that drug user’s experience.

Behavioral Problems with The Effects Of Drug Abuse

* Birth Defects

* Loss of Self-Control

* Impulsiveness

* Impaired Judgment

* Addiction

* Hallucinations

* Aggressiveness

* Paranoia

Four out of every one hundred women who are pregnant, in the US use illegal drugs such as heroin, amphetamines, Ecstasy, cocaine, and marijuana. Both the babies and the pregnant women are at risk because of the effects of drug abuse. The babies may be born too early or be too small, have behavioral and learning problems, or have a birth defect. In addition, the impurities in the drugs may cause problems with the pregnancy.

Finally, illicit effects of drug abuse during pregnancy are also linked to other behaviors that are unhealthy and create high levels of risk, including sexually transmitted diseases and poor nutrition.

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