The Biggest Public Safety Issues For 2015 & Beyond?

There are many public safety issues that people face day to day, and more and more of them are actually moving online. Before we get to those types of issues though, think about what happened in the news just yesterday. It was horribly tragic, something that can’t happen online. People came into a facility in San Bernadino, California, and they killed 14 people and wounded more. The story is still developing.

public safety

It is one of the biggest public safety issues of today’s world, and it’s like there is nothing we have in place to stop these public shootings from happening. School shootings have been a large part of those shootings over the years, and that makes it even worse when it’s children that are being killed.

What is another sizable public threat that has been being talked about for years? Terrorism.

Terrorist threats seem to multiply until you don’t even know what to look for. Terrorism has always been a problem, but ever since September 11th, 2001, it has been viewed quite differently. Now there is ISIS, and there has been much more in the news in recent times about them, too. All the sudden countries are bombing ISIS locations and starting to take the threat much more seriously.

Social media is a public safety issue because people are willing to say all kinds of things that they wouldn’t say to people in person. Social media can create wars that affect people’s daily lives, and some people are even pushed to the point of suicide.

Another rising concern involving public safety is the topic of automobile accidents. I saw a sign recently that said almost 3,000 people died in Texas this year alone in automobile accidents.

Drugs are yet another growing problem, and everyone loves to link drugs to immigration.

Of course, drugs have been a stateside problem for quite some time. Public safety issues include identity theft as well because people are worried about their information being stolen. Have you seen the commercials for those card protectors that can be placed over your debit and credit cards when you’re out in public? That means that people have devices that can steal your card information when they are right next to you.

Public safety concerns that deal with technology will continue to increase as more and more people decide to take more of their lives online. It makes you wonder what the major issues will be in 2016, which is right around the corner.

Everyone hopes that there isn’t another public shooting, but they just keep happening. It almost seems like it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but of when and where. There are other public safety concerns as well, but the ones discussed definitely top the list. Will there be another world war? Will there be another Civil War? That’s another major public safety issue in our country right now, the dealings with police and racial issues. How that continues to unfold remains to be seen.

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