6 Fire Safety for Kids And Emergency Tips

fire safety for kids

While our homes are very important assets, our children are our most cherished and priceless possessions. Fire is one of the common disasters that can befall our homes, placing our kids at risk. Hence, it is important to let them know that fire is a useful yet equally dangerous thing that they should avoid. They should know the fire safety for kids and what to do in the event of a fire outbreak. Here are six fire safety for kids that can help you get them ready to make the right decisions and take the necessary steps to stay safe.

  • While most parents often tell their children about the dangers of playing around with fire, they never take the time to explain the usefulness of fire. If the child understands the importance of fire and is various areas of use, fire safety for kids and how it is used, the child will appreciate and can see why it is important to avoid playing around with fire. Hence, make sure you cover both the positive and adverse effects of fire as you caution the kids against playing with matches, lighters, or any other things that can start a fire.
  • Make sure that you install smoke detectors around the house, ensuring there is one in every floor. Let the children know where the sensors are located and their use. Remember to install them in areas that the kids cannot reach. Also, do routine maintenance to ensure that the batteries are working. An important thing to remember is to let your kids know the local fire safety for kids as the emergency and medical emergency number.
  • Do a routine fire hazard check once a month and involve the entire family. They should note any issues such as naked electrical works among any other fire hazard. Let the kids know what should be done in case they do come across a fire hazard during any other day.
  • Develop a fire emergency and fire safety for kids plan for the family. It is should a solid contingency plan that defines what the kids and the family, in general, should do when they hear the smoke alarm during the day and in the middle of the night. The plan should have an escape plan from each room and pick a location where everyone should head outside the house for roll-call.
  • It is important to refresh the minds of the kids and the family in general about the safety plan, which means practicing the plan. It is not enough to talk about that should be done in the event of a fire outbreak. Put every plant of action into practice just ensure that everyone, including the kids, knows what to do to stay safe.
  • Part of the practice is having a response and an escape strategy. The strategy should encourage the kids not to be scared and hire rather be courageous and go outside. Let the children know who to fall and crawl so that they can avoid the smoke and hot air and breathe as they find their way to the designated exits. It also is important to let them know that they should stop, drop, and roll in case their clothes get on fire.

So spread these above tips on fire safety for kids all over your community and let us know that every kid is safe from the fear of home fire.

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